iPhone 4/4S USB Cable-Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable - Original MA591G-A Data Cable

Brand: Apple

Product Code: iphone 4s data cable

Availability: 50

Price: CAD$9.99

This USB 2.0 cable connects your iPhone 4/4S, iPod 4 or iPad1/2/3 — directly or through a Dock — to your computer's USB port for efficient syncing and charging or to the Apple USB Power Adapter for convenient charging from a wall outlet.

The Apple Dock Connector to USB Cable, manufactured by Apple is compatible with the Apple iPod 5G, iPod Classic, iPod Nano 1G, iPod Nano 2G, iPod Nano 3G, iPod Nano 4G, iPod Nano 5G, iPod Touch, iPod Touch 2G, iPhone, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3G S and iPad devices.


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